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Farm to Treatment—Farmhouse Fresh

No doubt you’re familiar with “farm to table?” Well, this company specializes in Farm to Treatment. Passionately committed to using the freshest ingredients, grown on their own farm, to create the biggest nutritional punch for your skin care. Focusing on hydroponically produced microgreens and other vegetables (many with zero-waste), Farmhouse Fresh has an amazing array of skin care products that bring instant positive results to your skincare regimen. Their products are certified organic, cruelty free, and made in the USA. They offset the emissions generated by their shipping with landfill gas recapture, renewable energy production and all of their packaging is recyclable. And if that isn’t reason enough to become a fan, proceeds from their sales support their non-profit animal sanctuary that rescues and cares for abused farm animals. I dare you to read the stories of their rescues without a tissue box close at hand.

Eco Friendly Fashion—APNY

Since my first week in business the fabulous fabrics of APNY have been a top seller. The designs are flattering, the prints gorgeous, and the fabric is machine washable. Y’all love them! I first selected the brand for the store because of the styles but when the first order arrived, I discovered that the brand also has an environmental ethic that perfectly aligns with The Mercantile. The majority of tops that I carry in the store are made from cupro-a plant fiber much like bamboo that is much more sustainable than cotton or silk. It is biodegradable and leaves a smaller footprint on the earth. Their dyes are Oeko-Tex (meaning free from harmful chemicals) and their digital printing process reduces dye and water consumption, saving nearly 70 gallons of water per print screen. You will feel good inside and out, wearing your APNY blouse.

Slow Fashion—Passeri Footwear

Wearable art that serves as a constant reminder that you have the power to live your best life—that’s how founder Luciana Passeri describes her latest creation—Passeri Footwear. That’s a tall order from a pair of shoes but I think they are up to the challenge. Fast fashion (cheaply made apparel that is hard on the environment and the people who make it) is not good but hard to avoid. But you do have a choice. Passeri shoes are slow fashion—hand-made, locally sourced, traditionally designed, and loaded with social consciousness. The textiles are hand-dyed, spun and woven into beautiful traditional Peruvian designs that tell stories, support local artisans at a thrivable-wage, and preserve cultural traditions. Not only beautiful, these shoes are good for your feet and your soul. Luciana walks 100 miles in every design before it goes to production to ensure that it will take you wherever you need to go. 10% of their profits go to Humankind, a private foundation that supports social justice education and provides micro-loans to indigenous people seeking to bring their culture-infused products to the global market. Trust me, when you put these shoes on, you will feel the positive power of your slow fashion choice.

Joyful Generosity—Rustic Cuff

Regifting—we’ve all done it. But I bet you’ve never been called on it on national TV. Jill Donovan, founder of Rustic Cuff, was called to the mat by etiquette experts on her practice of re-gifting on The Oprah Show. As the story goes, Jill was waiting in line and a stranger complemented her bracelet so she took it off and gave it to the woman. This simple act of generosity inspired a re-gifting movement of purchasing and spontaneously “re-gifting” bracelets to others. Donovan combined her passions of bracelet design and joyful generosity to create Rustic Cuff as a jewelry company wholly intended to be sold as gifts. The gifting or re-gifting experience is intended to make connections and build relationships between strangers. Buy one, wear it, then pass it along to bring joy and beauty to someone else. We could all use a little bit more of that in our lives.

Lola Jeans. Sustainable Denim

Did you know that it takes about 15 gallons of water to make one pair of jeans? Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of Lola’s creative vision. By bringing their denim production back into North America, building ethical supply chains and employing new technologies, Lola has reduced their water use by 80% and is changing the fashion denim industry. Their signature stretch denim are made from 80% recycled cotton, 18% Tencel derived from sustainably managed forests, and 2% Lycra for that perfect stretch. Awesome job Lola Jeans — keep it up! Based in Montreal, Canada.

Able. Handbags & Belts

Able started by working with women in Ethiopia coming out of the commercial sex industry by providing them with sustainable jobs to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. Their products and company have grown globally but continue to keep their focus on providing safe, reliable work for women in many countries. Able pieces are built to last and stay out of landfills. Their leather products that are featured at The Mercantile, are all made from upcycled leather processed with 100% recycled water. Able works to empower women through opportunity. Everyone who works there earns a living wage, owns a piece of the company, and has 100% healthcare coverage. Rock on Able — we’re with you on the journey! Based in Nashville, TN.

Mama’s Handmade Sudsy Soaps

The owner started making soap for her family who had super sensitive skin. Her friends and family loved it so much they convinced her to share it with the world. Her products are hand made with organic ingredients that are easy on the skin and easy on the earth when they wash down the drain. In addition, they have started adding packaging-free products such as lotion bars and solid dog shampoos that will be featured at The Mercantile. Based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Nica Life. Jewelry

The company was founded to create fair trade jobs and opportunities in underserved areas of Nicaragua. They are working to break the cycle of poverty by providing women with living wages, access to education, and the flexibility of working at home so they can care for their families. Each piece of Nica Life jewelry is handmade and signed by the artist, whose story is shared on the Nica Life website. In addition to providing livable wage work, Nica also provides its employees with wellness programs that help them to manage stress and achieve their personal life goals. Some of my favorite products are their empowerment chokers that use beads and morse code to spell out words of empowerment like courage and hope. And for our saltwater cowgirls, they are also waterproof. Based in Atlanta, GA.

From the Runway to You

Hot trends shown on the runway last fall by the world’s
top design houses that you will find at the Mercantile in
Spring and Summer of 2023.

High Platforms
So comfortable and easy to walk in (trust me). These beauties are hand made in Peru by traditional artisans preserving centuries-old artistic traditions of the Andes.

Proving that everything in fashion comes back around. This is a great layering piece that looks terrific over a colored cami or tank.

Feminine Florals
Always a spring staple but this year its back with a vengeance. Large florals, small florals, bright, subtle, we have them all.

Denim Remix
You’ll see the classic jeans and shorts in all lengths, styles, colors, and with great embellishments but also interesting new uses of denim like this great sexy dress.

One of the biggest colors seen on the runway for the season. In the shop you’ll see it in great shoes like these but also in dresses, summer sweaters, leggings, tops and more.

Sequins for Daytime
Always a go-to for evening wear, this season you’ll see lots of shimmery but subtle details on more versatile pieces of clothing that you can wear any time of day.

Always in fashion at The Mercantile, but thanks to the continued popularity of the TV show Yellowstone, also trending strong with fashion designers.

Sheer Fabrics
So much can be done with sheer fabrics, from small details like the top of this blouse to full-on sheer tops that show as much or little as you want (depending on what you wear under it).

Big bags are back! Love this one from Able, one of our favorite socially conscious brands. We have this one two ways—as seen in luscious cognac and in cream canvas with whiskey trim.

Conservation & Community

After 30 years of working in the non-profit sector, giving back to the community has become a part of who I am. Though I am no longer working directly for the greater good, The Mercantile in Easton plans to give back to the community whenever it can.

Environmental Efforts.

• Whenever possible, The Mercantile will seek out brands and suppliers who use environmentally sensitive processes, renewable and upcycled materials, and who share our values about caring for the earth.

• Reduce/Reuse shopping bags, for every shopping bag declined in the store (or if you bring your own), we will donate 25 cents to a local environmental  organization.

• And remember — shopping locally reduces the amount of shipping materials that end up in landfills!

Giving Back

The Mercantile in Easton is interested in talking with local non-profit organizations about joint promotional opportunities. To learn more about the program, please contact Joan at

Private Shopping with a Purpose
Starting in 2023, you can reserve an evening for private shopping for a small group of friends. A portion of all sales that evening will be donated to the local charity of your choice.

THANK YOU! If you’ve gotten to the bottom of this page, you must share some of the same values that we hold dear — caring for community, taking care of the earth, and shopping responsibly. We hope that you will visit us soon and tell your friends all about us!